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Life right now is a bit unpredictable as covid continues to trample over our carefully developed plans but if we managed to ship and built two libraries right in the middle of the pandemic surely we will manage now.

We are working towards building our 8th Library and Learning Centre in Tiwi, Kwale County, South Coast of Kenya. Tiwi is sufficiently far from the other LLCs, but close enough for our Mentors and activities to work. The location is pretty central and pretty remote too. There are plenty of children to benefit from the LLC and enough dedicated adults to make it work. If all goes well we will be shipping in June, which means that we would finally return to our normal shipping cycle.

Besides building our 8th LLC, we will supply two libraries for Homa Bay, distribute over 5,000 books to applicants and schools and work with five Rotary Clubs to distribute further 2,000 books.

We have also started thinking that perhaps we can start sending books to other countries and starting looking at Tanzania.

We are going to be pretty busy this year, don’t you agree?

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