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Arts and Crafts sessions bring so many benefits to our children, but also to the Librarians. The children learn to use scissors, pencils, precision, creativity. And more importantly they have fun. Something we often take for granted. The Librarians get to experience the pleasure in watching their children enjoying themselves, but they also learn some valuable skills like trouble shooting, time management and more.

So, here is what happens:

  • In the UK, our volunteers work on simple, creative activities. They design them. They cut out the shapes. They test them with their own children. They create completed examples.
  • Their hard work is photographed and a step-by-step is produced.
  • Boxes completed with all the material, parts, items and instructions are prepared.Each library receives boxes containing 20 activities for 100 children.
  • Our experienced Librarians become Mentors to our new libraries. 

We cater for approximately 15,000 children each year. Can you imagine the mountains of cards, glitter, glue, pencils, googlie eyes and more, much more, we go through every year?

Rather amazingly, the more resourced schools from near our libraries copy our art activities in the classrooms. It is amazing to see how they improvise when they are provided with just a little bit of an idea.

All our Arts & Crafts portfolios are available to everyone who would like them. Just get in touch.

I don’t get to do this anywhere else. It is awesome.” – Aisha