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impact on communities

Our partner communities change from the day one. They really do.

I guess it is because we entrust them with a very expensive project, we rely on their knowledge of their own people and needs and we do not dictate what we want to happen. Instead we nurture, we collaborate, we support and we train them.

We evaluate decisions together. We consider the consequences and we look for sustainable solutions. Together.

Our communities achieved so much, but here are just a few examples:

  • Dzunga librarians formed a Community Based Organisation to help the youth develop their own skills.
  • Chidzangoni library is a home to numerous community health and outreach programmes.
  • Shimba Hills community received much needed repairs to their access roads.
  • Kombani library collaborated with their administration on improvements to their communities.

“We needed a primary school for a very long time. Two years after the library was built the work on our new school started. I strongly believe it is because of JBAC that we now finally have our school.” Salim, Chidzangoni