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long-term reading

Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.

Koffi Annan

Books enrich our lives when we are children but they continue to do so through our adulthoods too. We hope that our children that use the libraries now will continue to love and read books and that they will teach their own children to do the same.

Our biggest hope is that reading will inspire our library members to return to adult education if that is available to them, that they will consider their employment opportunities and that they will continue to explore worlds that live on pages of books. With every book they read their self-worth, awareness of others, and knowledge increases.

We are very humbled that we can help start the process and hope that we can keep it going for many more years.

“I am an old man [around 69 we think] and I have learnt to read in 2016 when we got our library and my worldview has completely changed. I encourage my children to read although they are adults themselves. We can and we will change our own lives if we continue to read.” Abraham, Dzunga