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The simple access to books increases the children’s academic performance, reading abilities, English comprehension, vocabulary and more. Our Young Writer Competition, Arts & Crafts, and MADays help with writing, creativity and teamwork.

And we can and do measure the impact and have the data to show that formal education such as attendance, attitude towards and exam results are improved because of our libraries.

The improvements are fast, lasting and affect children of all ages as well as their parents.

“I think it is remarkable [the difference between children who use our libraries and those who do not]. You can really tell which child spends time reading and which does not.” says Safiyah, a teacher at Sunrise school.

“Reading the books helps children with English exams for sure, but other subject results improve as well. Composition, maths, even sciences. It’s easier to answer questions when you understand fully what you are being asked to do.” Mr Tsuma, Deputy Head Teacher at Vingujini, Msambweni school.