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Arts and crafts

Books have fast, lasting and incredible impact on children. They teach them basic skills of course, reading is the basis for so much learning and education, but they do much more than that.

Books open worlds to children and adults who have never travelled and probably never will. Books spark imagination and set some children on their lifelong paths. 

But you know all this, you want to know what our impact on the Kenyan children is.

Most importantly we make books available and free to children in Kenya. Our Librarians introduce them to the wonderful world of reading and helped them to improve their reading, speaking and writing abilities. 

“Seeing my daughter reading brings tears to my eyes.” Mesaidi from Dzunga.

We ask them to write their own stories and encourage them to do better in schools. We expect them to take charge of their own learning too, through our Libraries and Learning Centres and activities we run for and with them.

“I want to be a writer now. I never knew I could.” Matano from Kombani.

Arts & Crafts, life skills training and even our playground are all designed to grow and enhance their skills, abilities and worldviews. 

“When we started children couldn’t use scissors. Now look at them.” Emmaculate from Chidzangoni

Toys and playing brings even the shyest child out of its shell. Imaginations, inspiration, communication all follow.

“So much joy, laughter and noise. Oh the noise…” Haroon from Msambweni

Watch two boys reading outside our Library and Learning Centre.