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We partner with communities that understand how important literacy, education and children development are and that want to achieve better for their children and themselves. Once we form a partnership we support the community for the lifetime of our libraries. And that is what makes us unique.

Together and in partnership we:

build libraries in Kenyan communities and give thousands of children and adults access to really great books. That’s the ‘read’ part.

“… so many books. I didn’t even know books can do this [making a train sound as Sulaiman presses a button]” Sulaiman, 27 year old young man seeing a book for the very first time.

help our library members and our volunteers to learn some basic skills like reading, writing, problem solving and team working. That’s the ‘learn’ part.

“Before JBAC I hated writing. I never knew how or why, but now I really enjoy it.” said Yusuf, age 15, our 2020 Young Writer Competition Winner in the 11 to 16 category.

facilitate creative activities for children of all ages. And that is the ‘be creative’ part.

“Glitter is a magical thing. The children absolutely love it.” exclaims Omar, 20 year old librarian, as he himself emerges from our library following an Arts & Crafts session covered in gold glitter from head to toe.