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We have many volunteer opportunities, some you can do from home and some you will need to come to Dollimore & Christies for. Most you can do on your own, but many are better in team. If Kenya sounds like a great destination you can come an join us there.

Here are the many different ways you can get involved:

Home based volunteering:

  • Gift bags maker: this involves making cotton bags for our new library members that sign up on the 1st day of opening. It is a gift from us to everyone who becomes a member, regardless of their age, gender or reading ability. The bags contain a book, often the only and very first book many of our library members will own, and a pencil or two. We need 250 bags each year. 
  • Arts & crafter: coordinated by our Arts & Crafts volunteer various shapes have to be cut out for our very young libraries. This ranges by complexity, but the shapes are usually pretty simple. Each year we create 20 different activities, for 700 children, but the number keeps rising due to a new library being added each year. 
  • Social media volunteer: this includes blogger, vlogger, Facebook, Instagram and twitter writer, any online media content creator. 
  • Website designer: we need help with our own website.
  • Funding researcher: this could be in kind or financial support and would involve searching for corporations and foundations. The final pitch/bid would be written in collaboration between you and me.

At Dollimore & Christie volunteering:

  • Book collector: this isn’t strictly based at Dollimores but involves getting out and speaking to groups and individuals, schools and universities and asking them for books and other items that we need.
  • Book sorter: a bit clumsy but probably the most important for us. We need people to join us on Wednesdays or every 1st of each month Saturdays and help us sort, count and box all the books we receive. No heavy lifting is necessary as that is being taken care of. 
  • Loader: once a year we are looking for willing and able individuals to come and help us load the newly arriving 40ft container and send it to Kenya where it will become the library itself.

Get in touch to discuss details.

“I organised three hours of volunteering for our group of youngsters. They loved it. Some of them never painted before, while others found joy in packing books for Kenya.” Mary, Group Leader.