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Selecting new partner community is vitally important and we do so carefully and every year. Before the library arrives we build a playground to get the community on the right track.

In the UK we collect, sort, count and box books for all ages and all reading abilities, ranging from books for leisure reading and education. We collect a hole host of items too. 

Once a year with the help of volunteers we load the books into a 40ft container. The container is converted into the library by the local community.

We train the librarians and following an open day we hand the library to the community’s management.

We Collect

  • Books: please make sure they are all in English and in good condition.
    • children of all ages, types and subjects. Books for teenagers are great too; 
    • books for adults of any genre;
    • reference or knowledge type books such as dictionaries, foreign language, travel books, self-help;
    • textbooks for all stages of learning, including university and technical knowledge;
    • bibles and books about religion are great too.
  • Toys: they all need to be in working order and complete.
    • building blocks;
    • dolls and cars;
    • cuddly toys.
  • Games and jigsaw puzzles: please make sure they are all complete.
    • wooden jigsaws for the youngest;
    • jigsaws of all sizes;
    • board games of all types.
  • Sports equipment: of all types, but mainly balls.
  • Stationery: of all types.
  • Arts & crafts material: of all types.
  • Furniture: office desks and plastic/metal chairs.
  • Microscopes: from schools mainly.
  • Lever arch and box files: new or old in good condition (labels are not a problem).

You can take or send your donations to:

Dollimore & Christie, FAO: JBAC, Hillcrest, Unit 8, Stevenage Road, Ashbrook (towards Little Wymondly), SG4 7JY

Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 4:00pm

For drop offs at evening or weekends please telephone 07737 500501.