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Who would have thought that life for small charities will get even more complicated? First Covid plagued and continues to cause havoc in some countries, then the accident is Suez Canal. Then the conflict in Ukraine which translated in hiked up prices of fuel and therefore just about everything. Monkey pox threaten to become the next pandemic too.

So our plans for 2023 is to survive financially while continue to process books and pens received from pollyPak and from Pens for Kids. Through our Rotary Clubs connections in Kenya and the UK we will make sure that 10,000 books will be delivered to Kenya for the distribution to some pretty remote schools.

We are, of course, hoping to build our 9th library, but are quite unsure where that will be yet.

And we continue to look for partners in Kenya and in the world to see if we could deliver books to them. As we are getting more and more of them, so need to find more outlets.

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  • I’m a member of the Bellevue Eastside Rotary Club and have been doing Rotary projects in Kenya for over 20 years. We’ve built a primary school (Adiel Carla Primary), many water projects, sanitation, school uniforms, scholarships, solar power, etc.

    Every year I go to execute our project(s) and the community is asked what they would benefit from the most. This year they brought up a community library. So I’m in the planning stage for what that would be. I saw the Stevenage Rotary in Hertfordshire and Barton-le-Clay Rotary in Bedfordshire have been working with you and they directed my search to your website. So I’m reaching out to discuss how we might work together to build a community library in the Migori district of Kenya.

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