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In our opinion, no book should end up thrown away. Not if the binding still holds and all pages are present and readable. Not if the topic is of interest to at least one person.

If you are in the UK and you have your bookshelves overflowing, or you are a school and are thinking of what to do with your textbooks, if you are a business with a book exchange project or a charity shop with more books than you know what to do with, then please think of us. We are pretty certain that we can find a new home for each and every one of the books you have outgrown.

If you are a Rotary Club, Scouts, Brownies or any other club that is looking for a project, then we might be it. We definitely need all the help we can get to ensure books don’t end up on our landfills.

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  • Good afternoon
    I have 4-5 crates / boxes of books that were going to be sold on a book stall that we never got round to and wondered if you would be interested for your own charity.
    If so, please do let me know and I will get them over to you.
    Kind regards

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