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Adult reading grows

Reading, such simple activity for some of us. But have you ever stop to think how far and how much reading influences our daily lives?

Instructions, directions, letters from your bank manager, doctor, government, text messages, advertising boards, internet, facebook and just about ever social engagement these days are all in writing. Going to the shops and being able to read what the product is made of or what it is for, but also being able to read how much it costs so you you know if you can afford to buy it or not is a must.

For some adults we deal with in Kenya reading is difficult, for most is impossible. Their level of reading skills equals to our five year old children. Even children lack behind UK children of the same ages.

But why should it matter? And why should it matter to someone living in the UK? We have worked hard in the last decades to ensure our world is one big ‘global village’ and rightly or wrongly we have, to large extent, succeeded. And so an action in Kenya will affect lives in the UK and vice versa. Just look at what is going on with Ukraine and the far reaching affects that has.

Education is the key. Not just education you get in the school but mainly education and knowledge you acquire throughout your lifetime. Reading books, messages, letters, social updates and bills all contribute to education. Poverty, hunger, violence, loneliness, isolation. They can all be tackled by educated minds.

And that is why Just be a Child does what it does. One book at a time. One child at a time. One community at a time…. you see where I am going right? Join us. Help us. Support us. Your actions will be rewarded by more peaceful world.

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