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Sevenhills Wholefoods

Sevenhills Wholefoods is a virtual farmers market for wholefoods from around the world.  We bring consumers closer to producers allowing us to offer premium wholefoods that don’t cost the earth.  Our producers are as varied as our products but they all share a belief in nurturing the land that they farm and the communities they work with.  We believe everyone is unique in so many ways, including the nutrients they need to live healthier lives.  Our wide range of wholefoods allows you to choose the combination of wholefoods which best meets your needs.

THE JOURNEY: Not all wholefoods are created equal.  Our journey to bring you the finest starts with the quest to identify which are the most nutrient dense and health enhancing.  The next step is to find the places on earth which provide the best conditions for those wholefoods to flourish.  We then ensure that our producers minimally process them, making them convenient to use while retaining their nutrients.

HOW YOU HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE: The regions we source from are generally dependent on agriculture as the main form of employment and your purchase allows us to support these communities.  We also fund a variety of social projects which are focused on helping the least well off in society to receive the basics that we believe everyone should have, such as food, education, housing, water, medicine and sanitation.

We are proud to be working with Just be a Child, a charity that supports children in Kenya, providing them with access to books and opportunities to learn.  Their mission is to partner with communities and support them in operating libraries, and developing children’s skills.

Our support for this charity involves the upkeep of one of their original libraries in Kenya, ensuring it remains in good condition throughout the year.  This means the library will continue to be well stocked and provide a centre for their children to access a good range of books.  We will also support their usual activities for the local community that take place alongside the library which will continue to bring joy to many children. For more details on their work, take a look at their website www.justbeachild.org.uk.

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