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It’s the 2nd today and if I close my eyes just a little, I can see what 2023 will bring. Just be a Child will continue to grow. Obviously. Our volunteer numbers will swell both in the UK and in Kenya and we will be able to deliver so many more books to so many more children up and down Kenya.

We will encounter our fair share of challenges, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But with the support of our volunteers, donors and supporters we will overcome those. The challenges met and resolved will make us so much more resilient. Ready to face the future.

We will be privileged and humbled to partner up with new schools, organisations, businesses, individuals and partners. Our books will end up in new countries too. I am sure of it.

Our major partner, Dollimore & Christie, will help us make our storage even better, more suitable for what we need. Rotaries around the world will continue to see our incredible impact where it really matters. Kenyan businesses too will want to be part of what we have to offer.

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