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Arts and crafts

Why do we do it? Children in the UK schools learn to be creative both at home and in their schools. This creativity allows them to be innovative, imaginative and brave when they problem solve. We’ve held a number of meetings with our library committees to find out how we can help their children develop skills other than reading. They suggested arts.

How do we do it? Back in the UK we’ve formed an art group that comes up with simple activities that our children in Kenya can work on. The volunteers come up with, design, develop, cut out, instruct and advise our librarians. All their work is combined into a Craft Box. Each box contains all the cut outs, glitter, glue, wobbly eyes and everything else that is needed for each activity. It also contains instructions and a final example. We provide 20 Craft Boxes for six of our libraries. Each library has enough material to engage 100 children. So that is, 600 children 20 times per year.

What now? We are gearing up for the next 20 activities. This involves coming up with tasks that are simple, but enjoyable. That our volunteer librarians can manage with 100 children. If you would like to cut out shapes and help us assemble the final articles please get in touch. Thanks.

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