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“We have libraries” the government representative proudly announces. I am so pleased for this particular county as it is really rare to hear that there is more than one library in a particular county. But when I went to see the said libraries all I saw were empty albeit beautiful buildings. No books, no furniture and therefore no people.

Books are extremely expensive in Kenya and they are rare, so it is no surprise that some buildings remain empty. Shipping books to Kenya sounds easy, and possibly the right solution, but shipping to Kenya is anything but that. And so many charities and NGOs that we know stop trying.

But we seemed to have managed to navigate the waters of international shipping and clearing and so far we are managing to deliver our books, donated by UK residents, to Kenya.

So, if you, your project, your friends or your family needs books for their projects let us know. We really can help. Not for free, unfortunately, but we can.

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